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Tuesday EuroMillions draw: When and why it started

The Tuesday EuroMillions draw is a relatively new addition to the Euro Millions lottery draws. Before its inception, there was only one weekly draw, which took place on Friday of every week. It was not until March of 2011 that the mega lottery operators announced the addition of a second weekly draw, putting the numbers to two weekly draw. Since then, there has been one draw on Tuesdays and another on Friday of every week. The news was well received by lottery players for a number of reasons.

Why the EuroMillions Tuesday Draw is a Success

The news was cause for celebration in the participating countries for a number of reasons. Since the inception of this lottery in 2004, players had to wait for the sole Friday weekly draw to see if their lucky numbers would bring any prizes, the coveted jackpot of course being the one everybody had their eyes on. The addition of a Tuesday draw of EuroMillions has made playing the lottery much more exciting, and this was definitely a great move by the operators.

It is also worth looking at some of the other announcement made on the same day Tuesday draws where added that have changed the way the lottery is played. In addition to another draw day, a change to several rules was simultaneously announced. The new rules stipulated that there would be more Lucky Star numbers, increasing their number by two, from 9 to 11, as well as an additional prize tier – bringing the total numbers of prize tiers to 13.

Tuesday EuroMillions draw: When and why it started

Although the additional Lucky Star numbers make the jackpot that much harder to hit, there are more advantages than disadvantages here. To begin with, the Lucky Star numbers added mean that there are further rollovers and consequently larger jackpots up for grabs. This means that lucky jackpot winners since the announcements have been taking home larger payouts, which is no doubt good news.

The flip side is that it is now much easier to win smaller prizes because of the added 13th tier. In this case, lottery players only have to match two of the main numbers in order to win a smaller prize from one of the tiers that are generally referred to as the non-jackpot prizes.

Excitement All Around!

Although the additional prize tier and more Lucky Star numbers were well received, the best news of all was the new Tuesday EuroMillions draw, which was well received by everybody taking part in this exciting game of chance. This means that those who lose out on the Friday prize, only need to sit tight for a few days and hope for redemption in the next draw, rather than wait a whole week. This also means jackpots are bigger and come around more often, especially since the roll over rate is now twice what it used to be before the announcement.

After all, the Tuesday EuroMillions draw announcement did not come as a complete surprise especially for those that follow the lottery closely. Mega sized lotteries such as Mega Millions and Powerball all conduct two weekly draws. Still, it was a great and welcome change, and has seen the lottery, and subsequently the jackpots, grow significantly since March 2011.

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