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How to play EuroMillions lottery? Can I play Euro Millions Lotto?

Many people ask if residents from countries not participating in EuroMillions lottery game can actually play Euro Millions lotto? And also: How to play EuroMillions lottery?

The answer is straight forward and simple YES. Residents from countries not participating in the European EuroMillions lottery game can play Euro Millions lotto online through the internet!

You do not have to be a resident or citizen of one of the participating countries to play Euro Millions lottery. Anyone can play Euro Millions lotto from any part of the world, providing that the legislation of the country where you live does not prohibit online lottery ticket purchases.

Basically, someone must be physically present to buy a Euro Millions lottery coupon on your behalf, in one of the following territories: Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland or the United Kingdom

Many lottery tickets agents fulfill this objective and offer unlimited purchase of lottery coupons for EuroMillions lotto plus many other well-known big world lotteries
The introduction of internet technology made this possible, hence it has never been easier to play big lotteries from around the world online, including playing EuroMillions lottery. Buying lottery tickets is no longer restricted to the lottery of your country and your local lotto ticket outlet.

How can I play Euro Millions lotto online?

As mentioned previously, many online lottery ticket agents have emerged on the internet.

Firstly you need to choose which lottery agent to join. We recommend PlayHugeLottos or TheLotter, both of them have many years of experience in providing service purchasing lottery tickets for lotto lovers from around the globe.
The next step in playing EuroMillions lottery online is to register with one of them and creating an individual account. In both cases the registration is free of charge. Once you register, you will receive registration confirmation link by an email. You need to click on this activation link, which will confirm the creation of your account.

To register and play Euro Millions lotto online
with PlayHugeLottos, click banner below:

Play EuroMillions lottery

Alternatively, you can play Euro Millions lottery online,
after you register with TheLotter by clicking banner below:

Once your account is created you can buy EuroMillions lottery coupons and play Eurolottery by placing bets for your Eurolotto lucky numbers.

After registration is finalized each player has an individual account, which allows access to transaction history and the wallet. If you win a jackpot or any EuroMillions lottery prize the system allows you to manage your winnings and either make a transfer of your wins via wire transfer into a given bank account or you can exchange your winnings for vouchers, allowing you to buy EuroMillions lottery tickets at a promotional price.

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How to play EuroMillions lottery? Can I play Euro Millions Lotto?

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