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Euro Millions Lottery

The EuroMillions lottery is an enormous collaboration between the UK, France, Spain, Austria, Belgium, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal and Switzerland national lotteries, it is played every Friday night and the draw televised on the BBC1. To give some indication of its size, the biggest Euro Millions jackpot ever paid out amounted to 85 million pounds! All winnings in this lottery are exempt from tax.

How to play Euro Millions lottery

The EuroMillions draw takes place on Friday nights and to win the jackpot you have to match 5 common numbers ranging from 1 - 50 and 2 “Lucky star” numbers ranging from 1 - 9. A number of additional winnings are also paid out, 2 common numbers and one lucky star or 1 common number and both lucky stars in a draw will suffice to secure a prize!

Why do people play lottery online?

Have you ever come home after a busy day at work to be asked: Did you remember to buy a lottery ticket – which of course you did not! Or tossed the house in desperation looking for the ticket you bought but put somewhere too safe. Or worst of all, watched a lottery draw on TV and seen some of your favoured numbers come up, whilst realizing you forgot to buy a ticket!

If you buy your lottery tickets online then those worries are behind you. The ticket agent will keep the receipts safe and you will never lose your winning lottery coupon. If you subscribe then the agent will enter your lucky numbers into the lottery draw every time and even notify you via email when you win.

Select your lottery of choice on the playblock below, enter your lucky numbers and get ready for the next lottery draw. We wish all players the best of luck!

EuroMillions Lottery - Euro Millions Lotto

Euro Millions Lottosystem