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Winning Numbers for Tuesday October 22th EuroMillions Drawing

Yesterday’s EuroMillions lottery drawing saw a second rollover in a row, with no one winning the jackpot of £18 / €21 million. This all makes Friday’s upcoming drawing even more exciting, as the jackpot continues to climb several more millions and reaching a total of £26 / €31 million.

What’s more interesting with the Tuesday EuroMillions drawing is that this was the first time in quite a while where it wasn’t just the jackpot that stood without a winner – the highest win besides the jackpot, with five correct numbers and one correct star, also stood without a win, both from Europe and from the United Kingdom. When it came to the five matched numbers we saw two winners, but both from Europe and none from the UK, taking €655 000 each as their reward. The complete breakdown of numbers can be found below.

Winning Numbers for Tuesday October 22th EuroMillions Drawing

Great Chances for Friday EuroMillions Drawing

As October is coming to an end, we’re starting to realise it has been a month of quite confusing results for EuroMillions players. In the first half of the month we saw absolutely no jackpot wins, and almost exactly halfway through we saw the first – and so far only – jackpot win of the month. Since then there have been two more rollovers, and on Friday we’ll learn if we’ll see yet another jackpot win.

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The interesting thing is that these mixed messages from whatever gods rule over lottery drawings looks to thin out number of players slightly, increasing your odds when playing. The odds are always the same and the only thing governing your chances of winning is really the number of players, making this a golden chance to try your luck and play EuroMillions online.

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