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Winning EuroMillions Numbers for 18.10.2013

No one managed guessing the full list of five numbers and two stars for yesterday’s big EuroMillions drawing on 18.10.2013, leading to a rollover into the Tuesday drawing, which will take place on 22th October.

The jackpot for Friday’s drawing was at €15 / £12 million, while the upcoming drawing now estimates a jackpot of as much as €20 / £17 million, enough to make quite a number of mouths water. It remains to be seen if this will go to a lucky winner, or if we will see yet another rollover, increasing the amount further. If the rollovers continue, the total sum can rise to as much as €190 million, which is the highest jackpot for EuroMillions.

The Winners of Yesterday’s EuroMillions Drawing

While no one won Friday’s big jackpot, there were a number of winners of the “smaller” amounts, which aren’t really that small when it comes to EuroMillions. Three people won the second best with five numbers and one star, getting them €490 000 / £414 000 each. Forty-two people won over €6 000 / £5 000, and thousands of people won over €100 / £85.

Winning EuroMillions Numbers for 18.10.2013

The last drawing before this, which took place Tuesday, saw the first EuroMillions jackpot win in October after four consecutive rollovers, and the system now seems back in track with one first rollover, which is fairly normal for any jackpot. EuroMillions keep seeing thousands of big winners with each drawing, twice a week, and it really proves to be a golden opportunity at reinventing your life and making the world as exciting as it has the potential to be.

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