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Winning Euromillions lottery numbers Tuesday 26. Feb 2013

If you are looking for the winning Euromillions lottery numbers, you have come to the right place. Last nights draw was highly anticipated just like every draw in this hugely popular lottery. Do you think you landed the jackpot prize this time around? Well, we can reveal that a new Euromillions millionaire has indeed been created… read on to find out more!

Last nights winning Euromillions numbers:

So, who is this millionaire that we are talking about? No one managed to match all seven numbers, five main Euromillions numbers and two lucky stars – so the jackpot prize rolls over to Friday. But still the same, there is a big winner and we’re not referring to the Euromillions millionaire raffle
Only one player matched 5 main lottery numbers plus one lucky star! This means that he won 1 million euros and some change, how cool is that 🙂
Last nights Euromillions number sequence turned out to be a bit tricky, so for instance only 11 players matched the five numbers and each takes home a respectable € 31,185.

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These things follow a similar pattern; the less numbers and stars you match, the lower the payout. But would anyone of us protest a win of € 2,117? I don’t think so, this is the amount paid out to the ticket holders who got both lucky stars correct and four of the main numbers. The win amount drops to € 144 for matching four main lottery numbers and just one lucky star, explained by the fact that 1042 players managed to that.

So as usual there were many winners but the prize everybody is hoping to win evaded us this time around. We urge you to have a go at matching the winning Euromillions lottery numbers in this Fridays draw. The estimated jackpot prize amount is 32 million euros! Remember that it is easy to play Euromillions lottery online

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