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Winning EuroLotto numbers for 08/10/2013

October keeps shocking EuroLotto players over all of Europe with a third jackpot rollover. We speculated half-jokingly earlier about a lottery curse over the fall of 2013, but what’s happening now is starting to seem very curious. As a result of this rollover, the jackpot is now up from €32 / £27 million to a startling estimation of €43 / £36 million for Friday’s drawing.

Rollovers are curious happenings – as no one beats the system and gets all the numbers right, this leads to an increased jackpot for the next drawing, as the price pot continues to roll and gather more gold. Tuesday’s winning numbers, by the way, can be seen in the full breakdown below this post. Don’t they seem irritatingly obvious in hindsight?

Winning EuroLotto numbers for 08/10/2013

Breaking the EuroLotto October Spell

Will we make it through the entire month without a single EuroLotto jackpot win? Or are we just waiting for that lucky someone to break the spell and kick us back into a regular lottery routine? We’ve already been through a third of the month without a single jackpot winner, but how long can it keep up before someone comes along? With each rollover, the total EuroLotto jackpot keeps increasing – before the first rollover, it was at €15 / £12 million, and now it’s almost three times as high.

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Can you even imagine winning a regular EuroLotto jackpot, three times over? I bet you can’t even imagine winning it once. Take your chances and start preparing for Friday’s massive jackpot.

Breakdown of Euromillions winners and amounts from 08.10.2013:

Jackpot0£ 27,391,965.80€ 32,466,476.00$ 44,063,501.23
Match 5 and 1 Star0£ 0.00€ 0.00$ 0.00
Match 55£ 238,776.38€ 283,011.00$ 384,102.53
Match 4 and 2 Stars58£ 2,573.29€ 3,050.00$ 4,139.46
Match 4 and 1 Star643£ 203.33€ 241.00$ 327.09
Match 41214£ 107.15€ 127.00$ 172.36
Match 3 and 2 Stars2549£ 36.28€ 43.00$ 58.36
Match 2 and 2 Stars38549£ 10.97€ 13.00$ 17.64
Match 3 and 1 Star36590£ 10.97€ 13.00$ 17.64
Match 361007£ 10.97€ 13.00$ 17.64
Match 1 and 2 Stars202774£ 5.91€ 7.00$ 9.50
Match 2 and 1 Star538582£ 5.91€ 7.00$ 9.50
Match 2895369£ 3.37€ 4.00$ 5.43

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