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Win large jackpots with multi-state lottery games

Nothing beats multi-state lottery games in terms of payouts, but those who prefer smaller but more likely winnings, will choose one of the many instant games

Go beyond borders with multi-state lottery games

Most lottery games throughout United States are organized by individual states and while the rules are the same, there are some particularities. The exception to the rule is presented by the multi-state games which just as the name suggests are organized by several states and feature larger prizes. The best example is the Mega Millions which is now played in 12 states and which awards prizes in excess of $100 million.

Who plays in multi-state lottery games?

These joint ventures emerged as the result of several states with small populations shaking hands and organizing lotteries. Even most of the states organizing the games now have large populations, the games were relatively unaffected and with so many people buying tickets the prizes rose to spectacular levels. Anyone who resides in those states that are responsible for organizing the event can play, but while the cost of a ticket is not higher than what people play for regular games, the chance to win is much smaller.

Mega Millions and Powerball are two of the games that draw a lot of attention and very few players actually think about the odds of winning. In order to be declared the winner, the player has to pick five numbers out of 55 and also indicate the Powerball number which is 1 out of 42. One doesn’t have to be a rocket scientist to realize that the chances to win are low, but the fact that it is possible to win by picking just a few numbers is a confidence booster.

Less patient players will love instant games

At the opposite end we find instant games which are also known as scratch-offs because the player has to simply scratch off the spots to see if he won. These type of lottery games take place once a week in most states and even if some games are occasionally discontinued, they reemerge sooner or later. As with any lottery games, the holidays are the best time to play instant games because during these times diversities is truly spectacular.

There are many prizes to be won and even though their amount is insignificant if compared to the above-mentioned multi-state lottery games, there is no shortage of players. One can win as little as couple of dollars but there are of course prizes that exceed tens of thousands of dollars. The fact that the prizes are determined before the player buys a ticket doesn’t affect its popularity and these lotteries slips sell like hot cookies. It is possible to check out state lotteries lists to see whether the large prizes were awarded yet and focus your attention on those scratch offs that are still likely to award generous amounts.
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