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Will you grab a slice of the American Pie this weekend?

There’s a total of €251 MILLION to be won on the biggest US lottos


You could become an overnight multi-millionaire tonight when playing MegaMillions. The jackpot is currently at a massive €70 Million – that really is Mega!

Costing only €2.50 at, players just have to pick 5 of their lucky numbers between 1 and 75 plus a “MegaBall” from 1 to 15. Draws are held every Wednesday and Saturday, and to be in with a chance of winning – tickets must be bought tonight by 12am CET.

Before the Powerball’s massive jackpot in January, MegaMillions held the global record for the biggest jackpot ever of $656 Million and now’s your chance to win big!


The Powerball is on the rise again! Currently at a huge €181 Million, could you hit the big time when playing on Sundays draw?

You could live the American Dream when buying tickets at for only €3.50 per line. Its super simple, just pick five of your lucky numbers from 1 to 59 plus the all important Powerball number and you could be living the high life! With a record jackpot of €1.3 Billion, this really is a shot at the BIG money!

Will you grab a slice of the American Pie this weekend


Did you know that you could also win an extra €10,000 when playing Boosterball everytime you buy a lotto ticket at One lucky Norwegian players scooped the jackpot just last week when buying his Eurojackpot tickets…This could be you! Simply click the Boosterball underneath each ticket and choose your 3 boosterballs, then use the “Boost O’Meter” slider to choose your bet level from anywhere between €1 and €10. By matching these 3 numbers in the chosen draw, you can win anywhere between €1000 and €10,000. Boost those balls today and hit the jackpot!

Special Exclusive promotion

If you fancy playing for a Jackpot a little closer to home… has a very special promotion running this weekend….all players can claim a 20% discount when they buy at least 8 EuroMillions tickets! You could wake up €15 Million richer when buying tickets for tonight’s draw! All you have to do is choose your numbers and enter bonus code “em20” once you have added at least 8 tickets to the cart and 20% discount will automatically be applied! This promotion is valid until Midnight CET Sunday 17th

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