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When do Italian Superenalotto draws take place in Italy?

The italian Superenalotto draws are one of the many things unique about this great lottery from Italy. To put things into perspective, it was considered big news when Euromillions added a second weekly draw – but not in Italy, among the Italians who play Super Enalotto on a weekly basis.

The reason why? Superenalotto lottery draws are not just conducted once per week and they come around more then twice per week. Super Enalotto draws are conducted three times every week! Yes, it is as true as it is amazing, us lotto mad people around the globe can enter a Superenalotto draw almost as frequently as every other day of the week. That in itself surely improves the chances of winning a Super Ena lottery jackpot 🙂

So the three weekly Super Enalotto draws are scheduled for every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. This ensures that even if you miss out on getting lucky in the Tuesday Superenalotto draw or any of the subsequent weekly draws, there is no need to despair – the next change to play in the Italian SuperEnaLotto lottery draw is always just around the corner!

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