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What are the odds of winning Eurojackpot lottery?

Recently introduced EuroJackpot lottery boasts substantial winning odds as well as an impressive 12 winning prize categories.

Winning the EuroJackpot Lottery

To win the Jackpot prize in EuroJackpot lottery, players must correctly guess 5 main numbers plus two additional bonus numbers. The odds of securing the jackpot or the first division prize in Euro Jackpot lottery are 1: 59,325,280

Apart from the main Jackpot prize there are additionally 11 smaller prizes to be won in Euro Jackpot lotto, where the odds of winning range from 1: 80 up to 1: 4,943,773

The overall odds for winning any prize in European lottery Eurojackpot start at an impressive 1:35, and the jackpots winning odds are comparable with some other well-known European lotteries.

The EuroJackpot’s prizes are tax-free and paid in lump sum. The jackpot starts at an alluring €10 million with the potential to rollover until hitting its cap of €90 million.

Please refer to the table below to learn: what are detailed odds of winning Eurojackpot lottery for each prize division.

Euro Jackpot Prize Divisions

DivisionsMatchWinning Odds
1 Prize5+2PB1:59,325,280
2 Prize5+PB1:4,943,773
3 Prize51:3,955,019
4 Prize4+2PB1:263,668
5 Prize4+PB1:21,972
6 Prize41:17,578
7 Prize3+2PB1:5,992
8 Prize3+PB1:499
9 Prize31:399
10 Prize2+2PB1:418
11 Prize2+PB1:35
12 Prize1+2PB1:80

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