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What are the EuroMillions lottery winning odds and prize division structure?

The overall odds of winning any EuroMillions lottery prize are 1 in 13.

The jackpot winning odds for Euro Millions lotto are around 1 in 116,531,800, slightly higher than many local lotteries. However that is still a chance to win and that is all that matters and is needed. Just like any gambling machine, European lottery Euro Millions lotto places the winning odds against you, but unlike other sources of won income, this promises the largest winnings comparing with money invested. Possible EuroLotto jackpot pay-outs are some of the biggest among multi state global lotteries.

The odds of winning £1 million in Millionaire Raffle game are around 1 in 3,500,000 for Tuesday draw and around 1 in 9,200,000 for Friday draw (this applies only to EuroMillions lottery tickets purchased in the United Kingdom)

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Please also do not forget that all EuroMillions lottery winnings are tax free.

Consult the table below for detailed odds of winning in EuroMillions lottery, and prize division structure:

EuroMillions Lottery Prize Divisions
DivisionsMatchWinning Odds
1 Prize5 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars1:116,531,800
2 Prize5 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star1:23,306,360
3 Prize5 Main Numbers1:2,118,760
4 Prize4 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars1:515,625
5 Prize4 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star1:103,125
6 Prize4 Main Numbers1:9,375
7 Prize3 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars1:11,495
8 Prize3 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star1:2,299
9 Prize3 Main Numbers1:209
10 Prize2 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars1:770
11 Prize2 Main Numbers + 1 Lucky Star1:154
12 Prize2 Main Numbers1:14
13 Prize1 Main Numbers + 2 Lucky Stars1:130

Additionally, the odds of matching both EuroMillions lucky stars numbers, but none of the 50 main balls is approximately 1 in 95. This means that it is less likely than matching correctly 2 main numbers and 1 lucky star number (1 in 46). Unfortunately, there is no prize-tier for matching correctly only 2 lucky stars numbers.

If the EuroMillions jackpot is not won, it rolls over to the following draw. However, Euro Millions lotto has JackpotPool cap. This means that Eurolottery jackpot will continue to rollover until the jackpot reaches or exceeds €185,000,000, the Jackpot will remain at €185,000,000 and any additional prize money rolled over will be added to the jackpot pool for the next lower prize level containing at least 1 winner (5 main numbers + 1 Lucky Star or possibly even just 5 main numbers).

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