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USA Powerball Lottery: Number patterns

USA Powerball Lottery: Number patterns

You play the American Powerball by picking five main numbers, commonly referred to as ‘white numbers’. These balls range from 1 to 55. Then you choose the Powerball itself, which is red and drawn from a pot of 42 numbers – the number range of Powerballs available therefore being 1 to 42. Then you just cross your fingers, hope for the best, or pray to the lottery gods…or is there a better way to increase chances of winning American Powerball lottery?

The USA Powerball revolutionized the structure of American lottery games, being the first lotto game operated in the country introducion a double matrix draw. This is a fancy way of saying the winning Powerball balls are drawn from two seperate sets of numbers. Drawing the winning numbers using a double matrix considerably increases the odds while maintaining a low number field.

Despite being drawn at random, Powerball lottery numbers form patterns. These patterns can be tracked by looking over draw results from an extended period of time – say 1 year or even longer. The Powerball lottery in America has a section on its website where you can view winning numbers all the way back to 1997. So if you want to analyze Powerball results there is plenty of data, but what should you look for?

We would like to share with you a simple rule of thumb, it will not guarantee you a win but might improve your odds of picking winning USA Powerball numbers:

* Play the probabilities, if you enter a set of Powerball numbers that are drawn only 5% of the time, be prepared for that pattern / those particular numbers to lose in 95% of draws. So if you focus your efforts on picking out sets of numbers that are more commonly drawn than not, you would be increased chances of matching winning Powerball numbers.

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Secret Powerball lottery patterns?

We know that there have been many reports of secret Powerball number patterns, which guarantee winning Powerball lottery jackpot. We are sorry to say that we cannot confirm the existance of these secret patterns, nor can we rule them out completely either…

We can however advice you further on related matters. Powerball probabilities and likelyhood of certain patterns emerging in a typical lottery draw. For instance:

* It has been established through numerical analysis that in a USA Powerball draw there is a 70 – 30 likelihood against the outcome containing any sequential lottery numbers.

* An analysis of 100 Powerball lottery draws found that in 26 of them, sequential numbers were drawn – were 2 consecutive numbers came out of the pot. This goes against the mathematical expectancy, which indicates this should happen in 27 draws of 100.

These statistics give some indication at the depth and detail in which you can analyze the draw results from American Powerball lottery. All these little things could add up to a big thing – winning a big and tasty Powerball jackpot!

There are plenty of other angles to explore but we have found that if articles get too long, people tend to miss out or loose interest in the text. So we have reached our cut off point for this article but if this is a subject of interest then keep your eyes peeled for future installments to be posted here on the site.

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