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USA Powerball lottery gets bigger and better in 2012

USA Powerball lottery gets bigger and better in 2012

Many of our readers will know the USA Powerball lottery, its reputation has spread far and wide, for the most part thanks to huge jackpots and many millionaries created thanks to this fantastic lottery. USA Powerball lottery celebrates its 20th anniversary in 2012 and it does it in considerable style:

* The starting jackpot size doubles, from $20 million to $40 million!
* The second tier prize increases from $200,000 to $1 million!
* The ‘Powerball’ pot of white balls decreases from 39 balls to 35 – increasing the chance of winning the USA Powerball lottery jackpot!

Lottery players will have a odds of 1 in 31.8 for winning any prize in the USA Powerball lottery. The American Powerball boasts of the 3rd biggest lottery jackpot win ever in the world. In February 2006 8 workers from a meat processing plant in Nebraska joined in buying a lottery ticket and ended up winning $365 million dollars. We hope the future brings many more USA Powerball millionaires and wish everybody good luck playing.

These changes to USA Powerball lottery will be implemented on January 15th 2012

In the meantime, there is a USA Powerball lottery jackpot of worth 54 million dollars up for grabs Wednesday 11th of January, click the banner below to buy tickets:

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