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USA Powerball American lottery, notable record jackpot winnings

USA Powerball has had many big and notable jackpot wins in its illustrious history. It is one of the best known lotteries worldwide. USA Powerball American lottery attracts a lot of foreign lottery players to play online. Then of course the local clientele known as the American nation contributes a big chunk of business, add everything up and you are going to see some jackpots that really get people’s attention.

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The biggest ever USA Powerball American lottery record jackpot draw took place on February 18th 2006. This notable jackpot prize rolled over many times and reached a whopping $365 million USD. This monster Power Ball USA lottery jackpot was won by just 1 Powerball USA American lottery ticket, setting a world record lottery jackpot at that time. The winning ticket was shared by eight food workers from Nebraska and we’re pretty sure they have herds of servants preparing their meals today!

On July 29, 1998, a $295.7 million jackpot was won by 13 machinists. Adjusted for inflation, this prize would be worth $421 million USD, “larger” than the 2006 jackpot mentioned above.

October 19th 2005 was to be a memorable day for the West family from Jacksonville, Oregon. Well, we don’t know how their day was but in the evening they won a $340 million USD USA Powerball American lottery jackpot prize and a place in lottery history.

Christmas is time were most of us receive presents but few on the scale delivered to a man in West Virginia on Christmas day 2002. It was the biggest USA Powerball lottery jackpot prize then. Mind blowing amount of $314 million USD and most likely he’s had a merry Christmas time ever since.

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Speaking of the number 314… A retired auto worker got a nice boost for his pension plan in August 2007 when he managed to win a USA Power Ball record jackpot worth, you guessed it, $314 million US dollars!

So you can see that it can be worthwhile to play USA Powerball American lottery, it can give you chances you never dreamed of and change your life and the life of your loved ones forever. And the future looks bright for those of us who dream of big lottery jackpots, statistical forecasts predict that USA Powerball American lottery jackpot winnings have increased from $95 million to $141 million, as well as additional prizes of 3.5 million being won each year.

Indiana and Pennsylvania have produced the most USA Powerball American lottery jackpot winners.

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