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Two Share €15 / £12 Million Jackpot in November 8th Euro Millions Drawing

Yesterday’s Euro Millions drawing on Friday November 8, 2013 saw two separate players win the big jackpot of €15 / £12 million. The two tickets matching the five numbers and two lucky stars were purchased in the United Kingdom and France respectively.

A split jackpot is very much a sign of the returned health of the Euro Millions lottery – we have had some bleak times recently, with most of October seeing jackpots constantly rolling over, but in the last few drawings the normal wellness of Euro Millions has returned more. Almost as a symbol for this, the Friday drawing gave us the first split jackpot in over two months – last time this happened was on Friday the 6th of September, when two players from Ireland and Spain shared a €25 / £21 million jackpot.

Two Share €15  £12 Million Jackpot in November 8th Euro Millions Drawing

The Month So Far with Euro Millions

We’re one third into the month of November, and while the weather hardly keeps its summer warmth the world of Euro Millions is all the stronger. October was for many a suspisciously bleak month, but it’s become clear that we’ve returned with full strength. In the three jackpots so far this month we have seen three jackpot winners and one rollover drawing. We can only guess of course, but I’m curious whether November will end up being a month of constant winners, or one with some nice rollovers making for bigger jackpots? Only time will tell.

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The fourth November drawing takes place in just a couple of days – I hope you’ve marked Tuesday November 12th in your calendar and already bought your tickets. If not, this is the time.

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