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Tuesday November 12th 2013 EuroMillions Drawing is a Rollover

Tuesday November 12th’s 2013 EuroMillions drawing saw no jackpot winners getting the €15 / £12 million jackpot, and instead we get a rollover. This is the second EuroMillions rollover of November, after the one on the very first drawing, that was later followed by two jackpot wins in a row, the latter of them a shared jackpot.

Tuesday November 12th 2013 EuroMillions Drawing is a Rollover

For the coming drawing on Friday, however, we see a much bigger win looming – November 15th 2013 is a Superdraw, meaning there is a guaranteed win of €100 / £80 million. This is the third Superdraw of 2013, after one that took place on March 22 and the second on June 7. The Superdraw is at €100 / £80 million almost seven times as big as a regular €15 / £12 million jackpot. Could you even imagine winning a regular EuroMillions jackpot seven times? I don’t think I can even imagine winning it once.

The Fascinating Patterns of the World of EuroMillions

In Monday’s post I mentioned the chances the Tuesday drawing had to break a previously established pattern – in the past four months, we’ve never seen the EuroMillions jackpot being won three times in a row. Well, I was proven wrong, and Tuesday’s drawing didn’t break this pattern but instead won us another rollover. That said, for people like me being all excited about patterns, it’s in some strange way even more interesting to see this pattern continuing to be followed!

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Seeing as Friday’s drawing is a Superdraw, getting your tickets early is of utmost importance – with these special events the tickets are of high demand, and as we get closer to the drawing the lines are just getting longer and longer. Don’t hesitate, go buy your EuroMillions tickets today!

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