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Tuesday´s Euro Millions numbers 9th of April 2013

The Tuesday´s Euro Millions numbers still feel like part of the ‘new’ draw date, even though it is going on two years since it was implemented. There are generally more tickets sold for the Friday draws but still the same, draws in Europes favourite lottery are always exciting events!

Euro Millions lottery numbers 09/04/2013:

Tuesday´s Euro Millions numbers 9th of April 2013

The seven lucky numbers look a bit difficult this week. The 15th is actually my birthday but I had many lower numbers than that. But enough about me, I did not win the big one – did someone else? The answer is no. As a result the estimated Euro Millions jackpot prize for Friday’s draw is: €26 million.

Three lucky players claimed last nights second prize, worth € 346,886 for each of them. This is for matching all five main numbers and one of the lucky star bonus numbers. Interestingly only 4 players managed to claim the third tier prize, for matching the five main lottery numbers. Each of these lucky people won € 86,721.

If you were one of the 43 people who matched both the lucky star numbers and 4 out of five from the main draw, the prize is € 4,034. All in all a decent amount. There are nine more Euro Millions prize tiers, but as you would expect the prize amounts gradually get smaller. For instance, the 630 players who matched four of the winning numbers and one lucky stars won € 241 each. 845963 players won the lowest tier prize by matching any two numbers!

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