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Then why use lottery wheeling systems?

There are three reasons people prefer wheeling system for lottery: it allows you to easily try your favorite numbers; it can easily confirm results for some specific lines and it is fun.

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As there are hundreds and even thousands of possible wheel combinations, so the more tickets you have, the higher are your chances to win. Besides the number of tickets, three important factors influence your chances to win: minimum guarantee (the minimum numbers you want to match), count of lottery numbers drawn that should fall in your set of numbers to guarantee a prize, and, number of combinations you intend to include in a wheel.

There are two major subtypes of lottery wheeling system: Full Wheel and Abbreviated Wheel. The two other, less frequently used, variations are key number wheel and filtered wheel.

Full wheel obtains maximum coverage by selecting all the combinations generated by your favorite numbers. If all the winning numbers fall within your range, you will win jackpot and several additional prizes. But if your combinations have some of the winning numbers, you are guaranteed to have multiple prizes – but not the jackpot. Full wheel is the most expensive method due to huge number of tickets. It is usually preferred by a large pool or a club of players.

Abbreviated wheel is a cost-effective alternative of full wheel. Unlike full wheel, it has only a few combinations of the chosen numbers. So it guarantees at least one win if your wheeled number overlap with some of the winning numbers.

To minimize the risk involved in wheeling systems, gather as much info as you can by reading books, web contents and blog posts to get acquainted with the basics. Make sure you have enough money left to at least pay your utility bills, after purchasing the tickets.

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