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The Winning Numbers from Tuesday October 29th EuroMillions Drawing

Yesterday’s EuroMillions drawing was the last of the month of October, and one might say it really ended the month with a bang, as a lucky someone managed to get all the five numbers and the two stars right, effectively winning the big jackpot of €15 / £12 million.

Quite a few lucky people will get an especially wonderful Halloween weekend this year. For the jackpot winner this means enough money to have quite a special ghostly party before going on to live a life of luxury for the rest of his or her earthly days.

The Winning Numbers from Tuesday October 29th EuroMillions Drawing

But the jackpot winner of course wasn’t the only one winning the October 29th drawing. For example we also saw four lucky people winning the second best EuroMillions prize of €235 100, for successfully guessing the five numbers and one of the lucky stars. Another three people made €104 488 / £69 565 after the getting the five numbers right but without lucky stars.

Hundreds of Thousands of EuroMillions Winners

EuroMillions really is a game with a wide array of winners every time, even if the focus often is on the few or, as in this case, the one who won the big jackpot. For the Tuesday drawing, this amounts to over 1 500 winners all getting €100 / £85 or more. While that’s no jackpot, wouldn’t it be nice to get a hundred euro in your hand just like that? And if we count everyone who got anything, then well, that’s a bunch of hundreds of thousands of winners right there.

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