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The Winning Numbers for Tuesday Euro Millions Drawing

Tuesday November 5th 201 3 saw the first Euro Millions jackpot winner this month, a single winner raking in as much as €21 / £18 million. The sum had increased since last Friday drawing when there was no winner, causing the jackpot to roll over from €15 / £12 into £21 / £18 million. The single winner who know gets to count their millions purchased the ticket in the UK.

The winning numbers for the November 5 Euro Millions drawing can be seen listed below, so you have the chance to view the numbers and be irate over not picking them yourself.

The Winning Numbers for Tuesday Euro Millions Drawing

The Best Time for a Euro Millions Jackpot

November is coming upon us deeper and deeper, and with it a cold and darkness has begun spreading over all of Europe – although admittedly more so in other regions than in some. While some argue that summer or spring is the best time to win big with Euro Millions, and others say winter is the best of all due to its connection with Christmas times, I argue that the best time of all is the autumn.

Here we have a season covered in rain, darkening leaves, and nights coming earlier and earlier for every day, and we all need some sunshine in our daily life. That sunshine could easily be just a few million euro or pound extra, easily achieved with Euro Millions. Or why not the chance to buy yourself out of the season, go for some warmer destination and return back just in time for Christmas?

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Take the chance this November and don’t miss out – get ready for the Friday drawing and get your tickets now!

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