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The November 15th 2013 EuroMillions Superdraw Has Been Won

Yesterday, Friday the 15th November 2013, saw the third Superdraw this year, which entails a massively increased jackpot offer of €100 / £80 million as opposed to the regular €15 / £12 million EuroMillions jackpot. In the previous two Superdraws of 2013, the jackpot experienced several rollovers before finally being won. In this case, there wasn’t even a struggle, and a Spanish ticket holder got all the numbers right in the very first drawing.

The November 15th 2013 EuroMillions Superdraw Has Been Won

Not only did we see a massively increased jackpot, but we also saw a big increase in the number of players winning the smaller prices, a direct result of more people playing now that the stakes are higher. In a regular EuroMillions drawing, we usually get around 1 500 to 2 000 people winning €100 or more. In Friday’s drawing, this number was up at almost 3 000! When we count all winners, even the lower ones, the increase is even more dramatic, from around one and a half to two million to around five million winners.

A Great Opportunity to Get Your EuroMillions Jackpot

These massive Superdraw wins always make the regular ones look like small potatoes in comparison, and we easily forget how much money really is at stake. For the Tuesday drawing on November 19th we are back at a regular jackpot, estimated at €15 / £12 million, and we know from history that some players will simply avoid this one and wait for a bigger one to come along.

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That’s alright, really – the odds of winning are quite directly correlated with the number of players. This means that for every person avoiding the Tuesday drawing, your odds increase. Good luck, and don’t forget to buy your EuroMillions tickets in time!

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