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The Highest Number of Powerball Winners by State

You have probably already heard about the huge jackpot for Powerball in the United States as of the moment. There are literally hundreds of millions of dollars at stake, and residents across the nation are looking to make it big by pulling the lucky numbers. Even if you don’t happen to live in the United States, you also have the opportunity to make money of a lifetime by winning the Powerball jackpot. It is easy to buy Powerball tickets over the Internet, and you can also capitalize on the chance to be up to your elbows in jackpot winnings. In fact, dozens of non-US citizens and residents have won massive prizes from online Powerball tickets. But the locals themselves tend to do pretty well with the results as well!

Indiana – The Highest Number of Powerball Winners by State

If you are looking for the golden goose of Powerball, it has to be Indiana. While the state is not normally known for excellence in the field of lottery and gambling, it has taken on the illustrious position of having the greatest number of Powerball winners by state. Since 1998, Indiana has been home to an astounding 19 Powerball winners, which is more than many states combined. In recent years, the Powerball organization has rewarded winners over $1,600,000,000 dollars. Read it again – over one billion dollars.

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Powerball Pennsylvania

Not far behind Indiana in numbers of Powerball winners by state is Pennsylvania. Over the years, the Tree State has awarded 16 Powerball winners an estimated $1,300,000,000. From a state with less than 100% participation amongst Powerball winners, it is quite an impressive number and definitely worthy of its inclusion on the list.

Missouri, Minnesota and Kentucky

Rounding out the top 5 are the states of Missouri, Minnesota and Kentucky, which have been home to 15, 13 and 12 Powerball winners respectively. All of these states total up to 40 total Powerball winners by state and an accumulated $3,000,000,000 of winnings. That’s a very respectable total number, even if it is for a team effort.

If you have been watching carefully, you will notice that the majority of Powerball winners are concentrated on the East Coast and the Eastern part of the United States. Maybe people are luckier there. That’s not for us to say but it makes for an interesting statistic. It is something for us to chew on while we wait for the $277 million draw on Saturday! Good luck to all players and have a great weekend 🙂

The Highest Number of Powerball Winners by State

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