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SuperEnaLotto: Play Italian lottery for big jackpot prizes

SuperEnaLotto: Play Italian lottery for big jackpot prizes

SuperEnaLotto is an interesting lottery that players are curious about. Recently I ran into a friend and he didn’t talk about anything else! What is this Italian SuperEnaLotto? Can I play a lottery in Italy? How do I buy SuperEnaLotto tickets in the UK?

I answered his questions but his enthusiasm actually got me thinking that other people might be interested in this information.

SuperEnaLotto is a lottery operated in Italy. It has generated international interest for offering relatively cheap tickets but paying out huge jackpot prizes – the largest being close to 178 million euros! It now has a sibling in the SuperEnaMax lotto!

How to play SuperEnaLotto

To play the SuperEna Lotto you select 6 numbers from a pot of 90 numbers. This obviously means that the odds of winning SuperEnaLotto jackpot are relatively small but at the same time contributes to generating those massive jackpot amounts that we are all looking to win.

If you buy SuperEnaLotto tickets, we advise you to include the additional Superstar number. This bonus number is drawn by a seperate machine – similar to the Lucky Stars in the EuroMillions lottery. If your Superstar is drawn it can either help you secure a prize or multiply a SuperEna prize that has already been won.

One more thing to note, the draws take place 3 times per week. Yes, you have 3 chances to win SuperEnaLotto every week – Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

How to buy SuperEnaLotto tickets online / in the UK

To play from outside Italy, international players have to make use of an online lottery ticket agent, or book a holiday to Italy of course!
But all joking aside, Italian SuperEnaLotto tickets are best secured with the help of the internet.

We have recommended the service of many times and will do so once more. This well established company has built a good reputation in the lottery world during the 10+ years it has operated and most importantly, we have used their service and can therefore personally recommend it.

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