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Sorteo de El Nino – Spanish special January superdraw ElNino lottery

El Nino Spanish special superdraw lottery follows fast on the heels of the El Gordo de Navidad (Christmas draw) of the Spanish National Lottery. El Nino Superdraw (Sorteo de El Niño) takes place on January 6th and lottery players in Spain see the Sorteo Extraordinario de El-Nino superdraw as the second chance at winning a substantial lottery jackpot, the total pool of prizes played for amounts to €850 million euros!

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Generally Spain is not the first country that comes to mind when people think about big and exciting lotteries and ElNino special January superdraw is not as widely recognized as say, EuroMillions Superdraw. But with the Spanish National Lottery being available to play online with the aid of lottery ticket agents, savy lotto players have definitely put Sorteo de El Nino Superdraw on their lottery map.

A few points worth noting about the El Niño Spanish special January superdraw lottery:

  • Total prize pool estimated at around €850 million euros!
  • You can win up to 8 prizes on a single ticket.
  • There is an incredible 1 in 3 chance of grabbing a cash prize.
  • All El Nino prizes are tax free and paid in one lump sum.
  • 70% of ElNino ticket sales are paid out in prizes.
  • The number of El Niño lottery tickets sold is limited.

Not so long ago you had to actually live in Spain or at least visit in order to buy El Nino special draw tickets. We’re sure a lot of people wouldn’t mind ‘having to’ visit Spain and have the option of winning a lottery jackpot in the trip! But nowadays everything is easier and internet based lottery ticket sellers ensure that you can play almost any lottery you desire from your computer.

Click the banner below to play Sorteo de El Niño in a syndicate:

When you play Sorteo de El Niño special monthly superdraws in a syndicate, you join a team of lottery players in a syndicate group, which increases the chances of winning. Additionally the joint tickets and the arrangement of syndicate system guarantees you a minimum of 1 cash prize in each Sorteo de ElNiño Superdraw.

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