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September 27th 2013 Euro Millions Jackpot Reaches €65 / £55 Million

September 27th 2013 Euro Millions Jackpot Reaches €65 / £55 MillionAfter an amazing five consecutive drawings of no jackpot winners, the total sum for tomorrow’s Euro Millions drawing is now up to a massive €65 / £55 million, enough to make anyone drool of excitement.

Large money numbers are always difficult to fully comprehend, so let’s try to put things into perspective. Tuesday’s drawing saw no jackpot winners, but we did see eight people winning €146 / £123 thousand each. This would approximately be enough to make a five year vacation from work, or enough to buy a new car like the 2013 Bentley Continental. If we’re to make a calculated comparison, a €65 / £55 million jackpot win at Euro Millions is enough to get you an entirety of almost five hundred brand new luxury cars – picture ten years of getting a new car every weekend.

Winning a 2 000 Year Vacation with Euro Millions

Or what about a vacation from work? After winning Friday’s jackpot you can say goodbye to working for anyone else for the rest of your life. And about one more life time. And about fifty life times more, if you plan to live a bit longer. That’s right – the total September 27th jackpot equals working for the median income every week for over two thousand years. That’s a lot of time suddenly on your hands after the Friday drawing.

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This is most definitely a life changing amount of money. We all picture how we’ll react the moment we realised we picked all the right numbers and won the big jackpot, and we all dream of our life after it.

How would you spend your Friday Euro Millions win?

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