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Results from Last Night’s EuroMillions Superdraw

Results from Last Night’s EuroMillions SuperdrawLast night, Friday 7th March 2014, saw the exciting drawing of one of the biggest lotteries in Europe – the EuroMillions lottery – and it was indeed a nail biter for everyone watching! That’s especially the case since the EuroMillions drawing was a so called Superdraw, which only happens at the most a couple of times a year, in which the guaranteed price is hyped up to €100 / £80 millions.

A lot of people played in the lotteries, and a lot of people – several millions, as a matter of fact – won some amazing prices, but did anyone manage to get all the numbers right and win any of the huge jackpots?

The Many Winners of the March 7th EuroMillions Drawing

There were indeed a lot of winners in last night’s special Superdraw, but unfortunately no ticket holder managed to manage the full list of five main numbers and two Lucky Stars. The next best thing was the second tier price of €453 / £316 million, which was won by an incredible total of six players.

When it comes to a Superdraw we always expect more players than usual, and that was the case this time too. The number of players directly correlate to the number of winners, and so in this case the number of lower-tier winners were around four million – some winning the lower prices of €4.30 / £3.00 for matching two numbers, and some winning tens or hundreds of thousands of euro. In the case of a Superdraw, as opposed to an event draw, the total jackpot rolls over to the next drawing, which will make it even more interesting than this one.

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This all means that the next drawing will be an even bigger one with many more players and much more cash to win. I have my tickets ready – do you have yours? You can always find them online…

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