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Results from EuroMillions March 11 2014 Drawing

Results from EuroMillions March 11 2014 DrawingI don’t think anyone managed to miss the fact that last week’s Friday EuroMillions drawing was a special one – a Superdraw, which only comes along at the most a couple of times a year, in which the guaranteed jackpot is increased to as much as £80 / €100 million. The Tuesday drawing, held on March 11th, 2014, was a special one too – after the rollover in the original Friday drawing, we saw an incredibly high jackpot of £93 / €112 million, which is higher than it’s been since the beginning of January when it was up at €130 million (around £108 million).

But did anyone bring home the Tuesday jackpot? Or will it be around for yet another drawing and be much higher when EuroMillions is held next, on Friday the 14th? Let’s check out the winning results…

A Rollover Yet Another Time

Nope, no one managed to guess the whole list of main numbers and the two Lucky Stars needed to win this time around. As many as five ticket holders got the full list of five main numbers (1, 4, 23, 33, and 44) as well as one but not both Lucky Stars (7 and 8), but no one got the full list. This means we’re seeing an even more impressive jackpot next drawing, to be held this Friday, in which we’ll hope for someone to finally bring this dragon down!

It’s always interesting to see how many players go for the big jackpot and win something, even if they don’t get the big thing. For example, how about an extra £38 000 / €56 000, as won by a total of eleven players who matched five but no further? It’s not a hundred million euro win, but it’s sure enough to brighten a day. Are you aiming to win next time around? Let’s go for it – next draw is on Friday, it’s about time to get those EuroMillions tickets.

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