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Powerboll? Powerballl?!? It is “Powerball”


According to our entirely un-scientific research there are two terms vying for the top spot as the most common typos or misspellings of the name of USA Powerball lottery. Watch on, or more accurately read on, to see them go head to head for the coveted number one spot!

With so much hype for that $700 million Powerball jackpot, perhaps people are being a bit too rushed and frantic when trying to search online for information on the record breaking American lottery game.

I want to play Powerboll ...

Powerboll is clocking up something like 1000 searches per month according to Google. That is quite a bit, it has to be said. Probably down to the fact that people from all over the world are searching for info on the game, and some just going by their sense of phonetics.

Play PowerBoll

Buying tickets online is of course a great way for those outside the USA wanting to try their lucks as well. Whether you are out of the country for a vacation or you are actually living abroad, but still wish to try your luck and have a go at winning that $700 Million prize, then buying online lottery tickets is the way to go.

Powerballl lottery tickets please ...

And the prize goes to the triple L word. Again our source is the giant of search engines and they say their logs indicate that Powerballl is typed into their tool no less than 2400 times per month. That's a lot - let's just hope that those involved wind up finding what they are looking for!

We're unable to tell whether you wandered onto our site in search for some light trivia or if you are in fact hunting that very same record prize we referenced previously. But it seems inevitable, we can't really sign off on this post without ​pointing you in the direction of our favored source for online lottery tickets. They go by the name Playhugelottos - you can also access their website via the banner below. Best of luck to everyone 🙂

PowerBalll lottery

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