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Powerball lottery jackpot hits 200 million, next draw 26th September 2012

Life changing Powerball lottery jackpot up for grabs!

The Powerball lottery in America is renowned for generating some of the biggest jackpot prizes ever. This massive lottery is played in most states in the USA, plus foreigners join in the fun via online play. That’s right, you can buy American Powerball lottery tickets on the internet and have a shot at the

200 million dollar jackpot prize!

The next Powerball lottery jackpot draw takes in a couple of days and in the US people are already lining up outside stores to get hold of some tickets. But why wait in line? Just make a cup of tea or coffee, sit down in front of the computer and enter your lucky Powerball numbers into the draw with the aid of an internet based ticket service. Click the banner below to visit the service I personally use and recommend:

Play USA PowerBall lottery

This upcoming Powerball draw is one of those things dreams are made of. A huge pot of lottery cash just waiting for some lucky guy or girl to come along and claim it. Everybody picks their numbers from the same hat – why should you not be able to win the big Powerball prize?

Seize the day and pick your Powerball numbers today, I’m going to do the same!

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