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Powerball lottery jackpot sitting at $650 million

The world record Powerball lottery jackpot is a staggering 1.5 billion dollars. Compared to that monster, you could say that the current 650 million dollar is nothing to get too excited about – if you‘re that type of person.

As for me, I‘m super excited. The next drawing takes place on Tuesday evening, the 22nd of August 2017 to be exact, and I cannot wait to see which six numbers come tumbling out of those lottery machines. I hope someone strikes lucky and not necessarily myself and if it doesn‘t happen, then the next draw will probably be for over 1 billion dollars!

Powerball lottery jackpot $650 million

Lucky lottery number 13 ...

There‘s 5 main numbers you have to match for the jackpot, plus the all important Powerball number. In the weekend draw, which took place on Saturday August 19th, there were actually 8 lucky players who matched all five. This is well above average and as a result 8 new Powerball millionaires were added to the annals.

They were one number short of the 500+ million dollar jackpot prize, so close and yet so far away. Interestingly, they were missing the number 13. Was superstition the downfall of those 8 players? I can‘t say for sure, but last Saturday the number 13 was definitely a lucky one!

How do you play for the Powerball lottery jackpot?

This is of course a US based lottery. Tickets are avaiable in states, you can buy them in gas stations, supermarkets and so forth. But there is also a huge interest outside of America and many people choose to enter the draw with the aid of online services.

We can recommend a company called PlayHugeLottos. They are a dedicated service with a long serving track record and this is basically what they do, sourcing lottery tickets.

You can simply click the banner below to visit their website and learn more:

It is also worth noting that we have tons more information here on the site, so do follow the links below to learn more about different aspects of this massively popular lottery game:

Should you decide to enter in the big draw, we wish you the very best of luck!

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