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Powerball Chances: What Could You Buy?

The US Powerball has reached a staggering 1 Billion Euros! Across the world, the question on everyone’s lips is: What would you buy if you won a billion!?

US Powerball 2016

· A House

o You could be the proud owner of a multi-million property such as One Hyde Park, London currently worth an estimated €250 million or hell why not buy 4!

· A Supercar

o You want a car coated in Diamonds? Well with the Koenigsegg CCXR Trevita you can! Only 3 were ever produced and cost a huge €4.8 million each, but if you really need a car for all the family and friends (even just the guy who sells your morning coffee), you could buy 222 Lamborghini Veneno’s at a sweet €4.5 each!

· A Super Yacht

o If you have ever fancied journeying on the high seas, what better way to do it but via your very own super yacht?! The most expensive in the world is owned by music mogul, David Geffen. With 5 floors, 82 rooms and its own helipad it could be yours for €200 million

· Sports Team

o Whether its Ice Hockey, Football or Baseball, you could be the proud owner of your very own sports teams – AC Milan for example could be yours for just €1 billion!

· Holiday

o If you think that holidaying on Planet Earth is getting passe, why not travel out of this world and book a flight with Space Adventures and circumnavigate the world from space for €100 million and top it off with a spacewalk for €15 million!

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Do you dream of winning the lotto? Powerball jackpot currently stands at €1 Billion Dollars!

This amazing jackpot is the biggest the world has ever seen and at, you don’t have to be in America to be in it to win it!

Powerball challenges players to choose 5 numbers between 5 and 59 and one Powerball from a choice of 35 numbers. Draws take place every Thursday and Sunday 4am CET

The draw launched in 2002 and as the rollovers are limitless, so there is no limit to this lottery’s top prize! Until now, the biggest ever jackpot was €590 million won by 84 year Gloria Mackenzie from Florida. USA.

At, you can buy tickets to the Powerball and also 5 other record breaking lotto jackpots! Plus when you make your 1st deposit, your 1st lotto ticket is risk free – no win, you get your money back!

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Play USA PowerBall lottery

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