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Play Your Lucky Numbers For $375M On Powerball

Powerball fever is fast approaching the online lottery world. After weeks of rollovers, the
US Powerball jackpot is making headlines all over the world with its super-exciting 375 million USD jackpot. The beauty of playing the lottery online is that anyone from anywhere in the world can enter this draw and stand a chance to win.

Today we’ll be inspiring you to win big with a past Powerball winner’s amazing story.

A lucky winner from Denver, North Carolina, has been playing the same lottery numbers for 32 years. He recently experienced the amazing bout of fortune that he’s been waiting for for so long.

Powerball Winner

Now that the top prize is finally his, he couldn’t be happier! The winner’s name is Gregory Errthum and he’s 53-years-old. He was telling lottery officials upon collection of his winnings that he never gave up on his lucky numbers because he always had a good gut feeling about them even if it took him a long time to hit the jackpot. Always trust your gut!

He said that the numbers have been drawn a few times, giving him the feeling that he was on the cusp of something very big. Well, he turned out to be right because his Powerball numbers hit on the 6th of May, Saturday.

My lucky numbers of 11 and 12 just kept coming up. I knew I was going to hit it soon. I just knew it!

Gregory Errthum Powerball Winner

Gregory matched four of the main numbers and won him an instant $150,000. He went into his local store to have his ticket checked. He knew something amazing has happened when the store clerk looked at him funny.

When he asked how much he had won, the clerk advised him to go to the North Carolina Lottery headquarters in Raleigh to find out. “So I called my son to figure it out for me,” said Gregory

Gregory’s son, Wesley, said that his father had been trying to convince Wesley that they would win big for a very long time. He also had a good feeling, and he wasn’t surprised when his dad called him asking him to help him check his lucky numbers.

$375M On Powerball

My eyes just got bigger and bigger. I couldn’t believe we won $150,000!” said Wesley. Gregory and his son are looking forward to paying off their bills and living a more comfortable and secure life.

I’ve been working long days my whole life, taking care of two children, three stepchildren and also some grandchildren. It feels really good to have finally won some zeros!” explained Gregory.

YOU can be the next big Powerball winner!

All you have to do is get your Powerball tickets online today! Hurry – the draw for 375,000,000 USD is happening soon and you don’t want to miss out!

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