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Play USA MegaMillions lottery online, $290 million draw on March 23rd 2012, Friday

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Play USA Mega Millions lotto online
$290 million draw on March 23rd 2012, Friday

Last nights USA MegaMillions lottery draw saw no jackpot winner. We can however inform you that 68 lucky players matched the 5 main numbers and secured a quarter of a million dollars for their efforts.

Now is a chance to play USA MegaMillions lottery online for a jackpot prize worth 290 million dollars. The next lottery draw is scheduled to be held Friday evening, 23. March 2012.

We know a lot of players outside America are wondering how to get tickets for the next MegaMillions lottery draw, we recommend using online ticket agents who specialize in providing these services.

PlayHugeLottos is a company with over 10 years history of providing lottery tickets on the internet. If you want to play USA MegaMillions lottery online, we recommend that you look into their service.

Good luck to all players, wherever they may be in the world!

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