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Play Online for a Mega Millions Jackpot Worth $189 million!

Play Online for a Mega Millions Jackpot Worth $189 million!Once in a while you get the chance to do something extraordinary, a chance that is hard to pass by in silence, a chance which you would always regret not taking. Without question, tomorrow’s October 1st Mega Millions drawing is one of these life changing events. After eighteen incredible drawings with no jackpot winners, the Mega Millions jackpot is now worth a total of $189 million dollars, higher than it has been in a very long time.

In comparison, the last Mega Millions jackpot win was at a relatively weak $19 million. We all have a hard time imagining even winning such a high sum – that’s more than enough for several lifetimes of luxurious living. So what about winning that… and then winning it again, and again, and again, ten times over? That’s the amount the big Mega Millions jackpot of 01.10.2013 currently is at, with $189 million on the line.

The Curse Over Mega Millions Prepares to be Blown Away

Some have argued that a curse lies over the Mega Millions jackpot, after eighteen drawings over nine weeks with no one guessing the full list of numbers. But history clearly shows that while jackpots keep climbing for a while, they always get a lucky winner sooner or later – and the longer it takes before he or she shows up, the bigger the win is.

Play the American Mega Millions lottery

There sometimes come chances that can change your life forever. Will you stand by and regret it later, or will you take the chance and try your luck at Mega Millions?

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