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Play Eurojackpot lottery on the internet today

Play Eurojackpot lottery on the internet today

Yes, the new European Eurojackpot lottery will be launched in exactly 16 days and since many people are asking about details we decided to post some information.

The name of the new lottery is simple, sweet and to the point: Eurojackpot.
If you were to confuse it with the EuroMillions lottery, then you would be excused. They are similar in many aspects, both are European lotteries in which multiple countries play together.

To play Eurojackpot lottery you follow a formula similar to the EuroMillions. Players choose 5 main Eurojackpot numbers and then add 2 extra bonus numbers.
The main numbers are picked from a pot of 50 numbers and Eurojackpot has 8 bonus numbers.

Eurojackpot offers considerably better odds, you have about 1:59 million chances of winning the Eurojackpot jackpot. This means however that jackpot prizes will not grow as large as in EuroMillions, but Eurojackpot operators have set a cap of 90 million euros on the first prize – I don’t think anyone of us would complain about such a prize!

Those who play Eurojackpot lottery on the internet can tune in on Friday nights for the draw. Eurojackpot draws will be held once a week and take place in Helsinki, Finland.

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