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Play American MegaMillions lottery for $148 million jackpot prize!

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Play American MegaMillions lottery for
$148 million jackpot prize!

The American MegaMillions lottery is getting deserved attention from lotto players with appetite for the big jackpots. The winning Mega Millions numbers were not matched in last nights lottery draw, which means there are now about 148 million reasons for playing American MegaMillions lottery today.

For those who have not played the MegaMillions lottery before, the basics of game play are actually rather familiar.
When entering your lucky numbers, you first pick your main numbers from a matrix of 56 white balls (numbers range from 1 to 56 of course) and then add a Mega Ball which is pulled from a separate matrix of 46 numbers ranging from 1 to 46.

The next American MegaMillions draw is scheduled for the 7th of March 2012, Friday. A jackpot win of such proportions would be a most wonderful way of celebrating the end of the work week and beginning of the weekend. Actually come to think off it, if I were to win the next American MegaMillions lottery jackpot I would quit my job the next Monday!

As always, you have to have a ticket to be able to win it… Play American MegaMillions lottery online for massive jackpot prize, I already have my tickets sorted, how about you?

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