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October 8 EuroMillions Jackpot at a Massive €32 / £27 Million

October 8 EuroMillions Jackpot at a Massive €32 / £27 MillionThe month has started out poorly for EuroMillions players, with two rollovers in a row on the October 1 and October 4 drawings. Now everyone is excitedly waiting for tomorrow’s drawing, with an estimated jackpot at a total of €32 / £27 million.

Will we see a winner in tomorrow’s Tuesday drawing, or will we see a third rollover? And which one would you really hope for? Most EuroMillions players would probably say they want nothing more than to win tomorrow, but then again if there is a rollover, that means the prize money will increase once again for the Friday drawing on October 11. I think most people would actually prefer winning an increased amount on Friday rather than a smaller amount Tuesday.

But What Difference is a EuroMillions Rollover?

But then again, how much of a difference does the rollover really make? How much of a difference do you really notice if you win Tuesday’s estimated jackpot (€32 / £27 million), from if you win for example €40 million? €32 million is still enough to have an extremely comfortable living for the rest of your life, in a luxurious house and with an expensive lifestyle.

The answer, of course, is that it might make a world of difference. Even if you don’t want to use the extra money yourself, suddenly you have millions of free cash you can spend on your friends, give away in your will, or send off to a charity you support.

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That’s the great thing about a EuroMillions jackpot – they give you freedom in a brand new sense. All of a sudden, you can do anything and everything you ever wanted. Sound exciting? Don’t miss out on the chance, buy EuroMillions tickets today!

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