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October 15th 2013 EuroMillions Jackpot at €43 / £36 million

October 15th 2013 EuroMillions Jackpot at €43 / £36 millionWe feel the lottery fever spreading and the general body temperature of the gaming world rising as we look forward to an amazing jackpot draw of €43 / £36 millions in tomorrow’s EuroMillions drawing. Friday’s draw saw a fourth rollover, with the October curse continuing to hold its tight grip on us all – we’re at half the month, and we still haven’t seen a single jackpot win.

With each rollover, of which we’ve now seen four in a row, the EuroMillions jackpot rises. It started out at €15 million in the beginning of October, and just two weeks later it’s at a massive €43 million. We still have no clue how far this will go, and who will be the lucky winner at the end of the curse.

EuroMillions Lottery Fever Spreading for Tuesday Drawing

The fever continues to spread as is expected when the jackpot keeps rising – we now see more and more people trying for the big win with each drawing that comes by. You’re likely already one of the millions of players going for Tuesday October 15th EuroMillions drawing. If not, it might be the time to try it. A €43 / £36 million jackpot is indeed not something you see every day.

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With the jackpot now almost three times as high as before the rollovers started, more EuroMillions tickets are being sold each day. You still have your chance, and you don’t want to miss it. Take the chance on your favourite numbers today.

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