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Next EuroMillions Superdraw Set for November 15th 2013

Next EuroMillions Superdraw Set for November 15th 2013It’s time to save the date for another exciting event – the next date for the EuroMillions Superdraw happening has now been set for November 15th, 2013. To whoever wants to get the crisps and soda already, that’s on a Friday (duh).

As with all EuroMillions Superdraws, the November drawing starts with a guaranteed €100 / £80 million jackpot, which is over four times as big as the last regular EuroMillions drawing, and almost ten times as high as the beginning of a regular drawing. This is quite clearly an interesting prospect.

The 2013 Superdraw, a Special Event to Say the Least

The Superdraw is definitely a special event to look forward to. So far this year, this has only happened two times in ten months – once in March and once in June. The March one experienced a rollover which increased the jackpot to €132 / £112 million which was then won with a single French ticket. The June one was more amazing, experiencing several weeks of rollovers before finally being won after reaching €187 / £159 million, shared by one Irish and one Belgian player.

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Tickets for the Superdraw start being sold in about a week, on Friday October 18th, but don’t wait around and assume you can get one in the last minute. The EuroMillions Superdraw is indeed a special one, which always stirs up wild lottery love in all types of players. Partaking in this event is truly recommended, so make sure not to miss out – make ready and get your EuroMillions Superdraw ticket as soon as they are released.

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