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Most Common Powerball Numbers

The jackpot has just reached $700 million at the time of writing, so if ever there was a time for checking the most common Powerball numbers, it is now! Are you still contemplating whether to purchase tickets and play?

Powerball Lucky Numbers

If by any chance, you are someone who has not played lottery in his or her entire life, then let us give you a hand, and provide you with a little list of different numbers.

Most commonly selected Powerball Lucky Numbers

This data can give you an idea about what other people are more inclined to bet on, these numbers are what most people see as “lucky” and “likely to be drawn”. In the last 20 draws:

  • Number 16 and 47, tied at being picked four times
  • Numbers 2, 14, 32, 55, 68, tied at being picked three times

Most common winning Powerball Numbers in the past 10 Years

This data reflects numbers which actually won several times over the past decade. If you are someone who believes that history repeats itself, then perhaps you should choose from these numbers.

White Balls Powerballs (Red balls)
42 20
16 37
35 02
26 31
19 35

  *In Order of Frequency

Numbers that have NOT popped up (Missing in Action) for the last 20 draws

If you are someone who wants to bet on the “underdogs” or if you feel that the numbers that have not seen the spotlight of the lottery draw lately, will be the next to emerge, then you can go ahead and choose from: 1, 3, 8, 11, 21, 23, 24, 31, 34, 35, 39, 43, 48, 49, 51, 60. These numbers have not featured in the past 20 draws. It could be their time to shine in that $700 million draw, right?

There are a lot of tactics you can choose from in order to complete your list of five numbers and one Powerball number, which is the sequence you need if / when you decide to get that lotto ticket.

You do not even have to get up and get dressed to do that, because you can simply buy your ticket online.

You can head over to this website and purchase your ticket now, or click the banner:

Most Common Powerball Numbers

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Places that have had the most number of Powerball winning tickets since 2003

If you want to go the extra mile in pursuit for that winning lottery ticket, then you might be interested to find out which states have had the most number of winners over the past years.

Pennsylvania — 16 Indiana — 11 Louisiana — 8 Florida — 7
Missouri — 7 Iowa — 6 Minnesota — 6 South Carolina — 6
Arizona — 5 Connecticut — 5 Kentucky — 5 Wisconsin — 5
New York — 4 Oklahoma — 4 West Virginia — 4 Delaware — 3
Georgia — 3 Kansas — 3 New Hampshire — 3 New Jersey — 3
New Mexico — 3 North Carolina — 3 South Dakota — 3 Rhode Island — 3

*Data is presented as follows: Location – number of winners from that location***

People often say that there is such a slim chance of winning the lottery. The latest stat is that you have a bigger chance of being attacked by a shark than winning the Powerball lottery.

Well, slim chances are still chances, and that is way better than being pessimistic about it and resorting to not giving it any chance at all, don’t you think?

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