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Millionaire Raffle will make 100 more people rich

The biggest Millionaire Raffle draw will change the life of one hundred people on July 27, immediately before the EuroMillions draw.

Put your financial worries to rest with the Millionaire Raffle

There is no faster way of turning your life around than by purchasing EuroMillions tickets, but UK residents have another reason to rejoice. With the same ticket they get the chance of become a millionaire twice each week, by entering the Millionaire Raffle draw. There are no strings attached and no additional terms and conditions, with the only difference being that the tickets are slightly more expensive in the United Kingdom. This minor financial effort is worth making because the potential reward is plentiful.

Celebrate the 2012 Olympics as a millionaire

Friday 27th July 2012 is a special day for everyone who is even remotely interested in sports, but for 100 UK residents this will be a day to remember. The Millionaire Raffle celebrates the festive occasion by giving away 50 times more than usual by rewarding one hundred lucky winners with a £1 million prize. This special edition doesn’t impact in any way the EuroMillions draw, so those who hope for the Jackpot need not to worry, because regardless of what happens in the preceding draw their chances are intact.

Those who are not familiar with the way the Millionaire Raffle works, it is important to mention that the draw takes place twice a week on Tuesday and Friday. It is followed by the EuroMillions and both winning and losing tickets will be valid for the subsequent draw, which means that the Millionaire Raffle is simply a very generous bonus. The official website is the place to go for both those interested in the results of the raffle and the EuroMillions draw, as they will find here tons of relevant information. Check it out.

It doesn’t get any easier than this

If Lady luck is smiling benevolently upon you, there is nothing to worry about because the player’s involvement is minimal and prior experience is not a prerequisite. The numbers are automatically generated for the Millionaire Raffle as soon as someone buys a line of numbers for the EuroMillions. As a result, a player will have two chances to become a millionaire with two distinct sets of numbers, more precisely a combination between letters and digits for the Millionaire Raffle.

There is no risk of confusions to appear, because the Millionaire Raffle code will be printed on the ticket and in the unlikely case that the lucky winner is not aware of his gain, he will be alerted by email. Most of those who choose to put their luck to test in this manner will anxiously wait for the draw and watch it live, while some will go a step further and do some research about the Millionaire Raffle itself. The information is abundant over the Internet and with a history of almost three years, the raffle changed the lives of hundreds and every time for the better

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