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Mega Millions lottery announcement: World record $ 500 million draw tomorrow 30th March 2012

MegaMillions lottery announcement: World record $ 500 million draw tomorrow 30th March 2012

Mega Millions is one of those lotteries that most people know about. Its reputation has been made by massive jackpot prizes, the last one coming in 2007. Mega Millions lottery then claimed the world record $ 390 million jackpot. This was the biggest lottery jackpot in the world for the next five years.

Today we can announce a Mega Millions lottery jackpot that improves the current record considerably. Last Tuesdays Mega Millions lotto draw yielded no jackpot winning numbers, so yesterday an estimated Mega Millions record jackpot of $ 468 million was announced.

After this things went a bit crazy in the lottery world. So many people have rushed to buy Mega Millions tickets that the jackpot prize amount has been increased to $ 500 million dollars. This is the lottery jackpot prize of your dreams!

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