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Mega American Lottery, Mega American Dream: The ‘Mega Millions Lotto’ Gold Rush 2012

“A storied chance to becoming one of the richest in the world overnight.”

As the news has exploded about the largest jackpot in not just American Lotto history, but also in world history, the potential winning amount is staggering, as are the odds of winning. Mega Millions is officially living up to its’ catchy name.

Hailing from the ‘United States of Promises’, you receive a chance at fame usually worshipped to the likes of Hollywood all the way to New York; the U.S.’s most recent promise is now the chance at a near $540 Million lottery. Yes, you heard that correctly, that is a fifty-four with seven zeroes following. This by some seems like it’s not possible but this isn’t the first time the Mega Millions Lottery has given out an absurd sum of money.

Just five years ago on March 5th, 2007 the Mega Millions Lotto gave $390 Million. This was split between two individuals for a sum of $118 Million each. This was a large enough sum of money to be valued as the 2nd highest jackpot in history. March 30th 2012 will likely crown the world’s newest record jackpot holder.

This Mega Millions’ mega jackpot hasn’t just gathered local attention; it has also caught the attention of the world over. Growing up, most of us have this want to be the real world “Charlie Bucket”, but instead of the chance of owning a waterfall of chocolate (as seen in the classic “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”), we’d want a waterfall of cash. Friday night we will officially welcome our newest “Charlie”.

A viable question you may be asking yourself: Now that I’ve won this $540 Million, what can I afford to buy? You would have enough to be able to buy any team in the National Basketball Association (minus the New York Knicks and L.A. Lakers) or you could afford a Boeing 787 Dreamliner with $300 Million to spare.

Mega Millions Lotto gives you a simple shot in the dark at being something most could never imagine. Based off of the odds placed by United States gambling officials, your chances of winning are a 1 in 176 million, but that is still a chance and that is all that is needed.

Just like any gambling machine, this Lotto places the odds against you, but unlike other sources of won income, this promises the largest payout ever. Since the recession of 2008, the entire world has looked for a reason for collective hope. This may not be the best source of community collective but it’s a way people get to have an insight of what the drastic changes would mean to them and the loved ones around them.

Modern times has given these lotteries access across the globe through multiple websites, the dream isn’t just eligible for U.S. citizens, frankly speaking, anyone with an internet connection and hope can buy a ticket. Connected to this site is your opportunity to be a part of this once in a lifetime chance.

News publishers from the L.A. Times to the BBC are now covering this event. In the past 48 hours, nearly 4,500 news sources have become a part of this downpour of attention. This isn’t a phenomenon as you may think; a jackpot like this captures the very imagination a reader like The Huffington Post so desperately searches to attract. As said by Joe Junas interviewed by the New York Post: “I hear the winner is always someone who takes a dollar quick pick somewhere instead of playing $20 in the same place. It’s half a billion! So my strategy is special this time. I’m increasing my chances any way I can.”

Mega Millions is starting to equal millions of imaginative dreams. This American Lotto is no longer for the few, it’s for all and we all want to just be a part of something special. You can be a part of this event to. A “gold rush” for the modern ages except you do not need to leave your computer, more specifically you don’t need to search elsewhere, we take you to where you need to go to win. Good Luck!

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