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Massive Euromillions Superdraw Tuesday 17th November 2015

A third rollover of a Euromillions superdraw jackpot which started at a tidy €100 million euros, means that tomorrows prize pot is estimated at a whopping €144 million. Do note that this amount could grow even further, since a percentage of all ticket sales go towards boosting the actual jackpot amount.

What would you do with such an amount of money? The fact that Christmas is fast approaching cannot be overlooked, where to start and where to finish with that whole equation: I would definitely go somewhere warmer, with my closes family and best friends … maybe rent a villa somewhere or the entire top floor or two of some nice hotel 😛

The presents would most definitely be ‘affected’. Don’t get me wrong, generally its not about the amounts spent for me, I really like going out and trying to find something which I genuinely feel will appeal to the recipient. But I’m used to operating within a strict budget, not having to worry about the amount spent would definitely open up a whole new world of possibilities and make the process so much more fun to carry out!

Anyway, I’m going off on a bit of a tangent here. What I was thinking first and foremost was to give a shout out to anyone which still hasn’t secured tickets for this massive Euromillions Superdraw event. Remember that you can buy your tickets online from pretty much anywhere in the world, here is the service that I use and recommend:

Euro Millions Tuesday Superdraw


The company in question is quite aptly named: Play Huge Lottos and has specialized in providing these services for more than a decade. You can learn more about them and find answers to most questions either on their website, or with the use of the live support which is online 24/7 I think.

As always, best of luck when playing and do let us know if you happen to take home the big one!
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