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Lucky couple win Euromillions lottery jackpot

Lucky couple win Euromillions lottery jackpot

We all hope one day to win the EuroMillions lottery jackpot – I think we can all admit to that. But there are occassions when you here of lucky EuroMillions winners and think, ‘oh, they really derved to win.’

This seems to be the case when it comes to Casey Harrington and Mark Topham, a 22 year old couple from Nottingham in England.

Having been together for over three years, they were planning a quiet wedding in September this year but the EuroMillions draw date of Tuesday 7th February 2012 turn out to be a dramatic and provided a significant change to their plans.

Winning EuroMillions ticket purchased online

It did not get off to a glorious start with Marks computer breaking down in the morning and the washing machine dying in the afternoon! But the evening brought the luckiest day of their life, when a lucky dip Euro Millions ticket purchased on the internet secured them a EuroMillions lottery jackpot prize of over 54 million euros!

Mark and Casey can now have their dream wedding and begin their married life together free of the financial pressures that young couples generally have to deal with. But their concern is not only for themselves, with a new computer, washing machine and Aston Martin on the shopping list. They are also keen to help out friends and family and have plans to buy a new house for Casey’s parents. So like I said before, they seem deserving of their EuroMillions luck and genuinly good people.

Future plans and ideas involve building their dream home and travelling around the world. With a EuroMillions jackpot win in your pocket, all you need is to dream big dreams and then use your pirze money to make them come true.

It is nice to hear EuroMillions success stories and know that it can happen to regular people like you and me. For those of us who have not hit the winning EuroMillions lottery numbers yet, there is always the next draw. Buy EuroMillions tickets online today to make your own fortune. Good luck!

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