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Lottery Wheeling Systems – Should You Go for the Full Wheel or Not?

Full wheel lottery system can guarantee that you will win jackpot along with several other prizes in a lottery. Then why doesn’t everyone opt for a full wheel? Simply, because it is too expensive!

There is a direct relationship between the price and your urge to win a prize. To understand whether the full wheel systems are a good option for you or not, an in-depth knowledge of the whole process is necessary. Lottery wheeling system is a method based on mathematical formulae to arrange your favorite numbers in combinations that can be used in a lottery. Full wheel is one of its two major categories.

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A Full Wheel gives you the maximum coverage and is simply a generator of all the possible combinations based on numbers you choose into a group of N numbers. N is usually the number of total numbers that can be played in a game. For example, in a 6/49 lotto, N is equal to 6.
The downside to a full wheel is the huge number of combinations generated, that can cost you a fortune. Suppose if you are playing a 6/49 lotto, there are 210 combinations if you have a set of 10 numbers. But if you have a set of 20 numbers, you will have to buy 38, 760 tickets for a full wheel.

If your combinations include all the winning numbers, you are guaranteed to win jackpot as well as several other prizes. However, if your combinations include some of the winning numbers, you are only guaranteed to win a few prizes excluding the jackpot.
Suppose, if you are playing 10 numbers in game where N is equal to 6. For a full wheel, you will have 210 combinations. If you have five of the six winning numbers, you are guaranteed a 5-of-6 winner. In other words, you have got five tickets of 5-of-6 winner, fifty 4-of-6 winners and one hundred tickets of 3-of-6 winner.

A more economical variation of full wheel is known as full wheel with fixed numbers. The only difference here is that some numbers are fixed. This means that all the fixed numbers will appear in the lottery tickets. It reduces the number of plays and, therefore, decreases your odds of winning as compared to a typical full wheel.

Usually, full wheel system is preferred by larger pools of players or clubs. Single players usually prefer, abbreviated wheel, a cheaper alternative of full wheel.

There is a well-known and interesting case of lottery wheeling system. Stefan Klincewicz, a Polish-Irish businessman and his associates purchased almost all of the combinations available at the Irish lotto. The jackpot stood at 1.7 million Irish pounds but the 1,947,792 combinations cost them nearly one million pounds. The group of players had the tickets with winning numbers but two other players also had these numbers. Therefore, the jackpot had to be split three ways. Interestingly, the syndicate won a few smaller prizes and managed to earn a small profit at the end of the day.

Playing a full wheel means putting all the eggs in one basket – if you are eager to take the risk, you should be ready to face almost anything.

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