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Lottery Wheeling System – Does It Always Guarantee a Jackpot?

Lottery wheeling system is a magic wand that guarantees you will win a jackpot as well as several other prizes in a lottery. If that’s what you believe, you are absolutely WRONG!

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Several fraudulent marketers have blanketed the actualities about wheeling systems for lottery with their false claims and promises. If their claims were true, they would be making billions of dollars themselves instead of selling their magical products for a few bucks.

Lottery can earn you a lot of money. But whether played with or without a wheeling system, it always has a risk factor. The only SAFE way to increase your money was proposed by Kin Hubbard, the famous American humorist: “The safest way to double your money is to fold it over once and put it in your pocket.”

To distinguish between a good wheeling system and a bad one, you have to understand the whole process before putting in any money.

Lottery wheeling system is the most famous of several systems formulated by lottery-lovers to increase their odds of winning multi-tier prizes.

The system for lottery wheeling is actually based on mathematical formulae that arrange a group of numbers you select into different combinations. These combinations give partial or full coverage of all the possible combinations based on the selected (favorite) numbers.

Lottery is based on probability, and probability of winning a jackpot is ridiculously low i.e. 1: several millions. Therefore, instead of aiming for the jackpot, the wheeling system typically aims to win multiple smaller prizes as long as some or all of the ‘winning numbers’ you are planning to wheel are existing in the winning numbers.

It clearly indicates that your odds of winning are same whether you use wheeling or simply try random numbers. But in lottery wheeling system either you win multiple prizes or you are in fact less probably going to win.

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