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Lottery Wheeling System – Benefits and Implementation

Amazingly, benefits of a lottery wheeling system are greatly different from what most people think. Lottery wheeling systems are complex yet interesting. And if you win, it will be the sweetest money you ever had as Eddie Felson said in the movie The Color of Money:
‘Money won is twice as sweet as money earned.’

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The most notable thing about a lottery wheeling system is that it does NOT increase your overall odds of winning a prize. But on the other hand, there are a few benefits that make this system the most famous in lotto.

The major benefit of wheels comes for the people who have a group of numbers e.g. your kid’s birthday, a street address or any other favorite number, and they don’t know how to distribute these numbers into bets. Wheels offer an easy and efficient solution.

Another advantage of lottery wheeling system is reusability. Once you have arranged your numbers into bets, you have got a system. This system can now be used with different numbers, as many times as you want.

Though, wheels don’t increase your overall odds of winning, if the winning numbers coincide with your pick, you are guaranteed to win multiple-tier prizes.

There are two major categories of a lottery wheeling system: full wheel and abbreviated wheel, each has its own benefits.

A full wheel is more suitable for a syndicate where all the possible combinations must be purchased. This system not only guarantees winning the jackpot, but also a few other prizes, provided your combinations have all or some of the winning numbers.

A full wheel is expensive and if you do not want to break your bank, but still want to try wheeling, consider abbreviated wheels. You have to buy certain combinations and it guarantees you will win at least one prize if some of the winning numbers are present in your combinations.

Though wheels do not increase the overall odds, they encourage you to play more bets and indirectly surge your odds.

One of the major reasons that people opt for a lottery wheeling system is that they are interesting and make your betting more amusing. After all, everyone wants to win using their favorite numbers.

But there are good wheels and there are bad wheels. Bad wheel is one which has one or more errors. These days, you can find several error free computer generated lottery wheeling systems, some of which are absolutely free of cost. But it is in your interest to understand, at least the basic working of the system.

To comprehend the implementation of lottery wheeling system, without going into the baffling mathematical details, let us consider a 9 number wheel for a 6 pick game. You can divide your favorite 9 numbers (suppose the numbers are I, II, III, IV, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X) into three subgroups: G1, G2, G3.
Now G1=I, II, III G2=IV, V, VI and G3=VII, VIII, IX. These groups can be divided into pairs and the total will be C (3, 2) = 3.
So our combinations are G1-G2, G1-G3 and G2-G3 or I, II, III – IV, V, VI; I, II, III – VII, VIII, IX and IV, V, VI – VII, VIII, IX.

When the lottery is drawn randomly, the six winning numbers will range among three 3-number subgroups. Suppose, we have the following three distributions:

I-III-III = 6 winners of 6 = 33%;
IV-V-VI = 5 winners of 6 = 33%;
II-II-II = 4 winners of 6 = 33%.

As we have paired all the groups, our combination cannot have less than four winning numbers. This means that we will have the so-called guarantee for ‘4 of 6’. Or simply, if six winning numbers are among our nine favorite numbers, we have a guarantee of at least one combination that has at least 4 winning numbers. If you are interested in the jackpot, in the 33% of the winning distribution possibilities, the 9-number lotto hits the jackpot.

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