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Lottery jackpot news: Powerball, MegaMillions, SuperEnaLotto and EuroMillions

Latest news from jackpot build up for USA Powerball, American MegaMillions, SuperEnaLotto in Italy and European EuroMillions.

Many who buy lottery tickets online look at the size of the jackpot and then decide whether to play Powerball or play the Italian SuperEna Lotto. They want to play for the biggest jackpot available at any given time. This is perfectly valid and we understand this point of view.

Lotteries get more attention on the news and among lottery players when the jackpots become bigger. When there is a EuroMillions lottery superdraw, everybody knows about it, because everybody is talking about the 100 million euro jackpot!
There is no single jackpot available that breaks 100 million at the moment, but there are some interesting lotteries out there and if you add up all the jackpots the total prize amount is over $150 million…

American Powerball lottery is currently the biggest jackpot: $60 million dollar prize.
Next USA Powerball lotto draw is today, Saturday 19.11.2011.

USA MegaMillions jackpots can get huge, the current jackpot is estimated $47 million.
Next American Mega Millions draw is Tuesday 22.11.2011.

Italys SuperEnaLotto jackpot is close to 35 million euros.
Next Super EnaLotto draw is today, Saturday 19-11-2011.

European EuroMillions lottery jackpot is estimated 21 million euros.
The next Euro Millions draw takes place Tuesday 22-11-2011.

You can find information about various lottery agents on our website, which allow you to buy tickets for these great lotteries online and play for huge jackpots today.

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